Wednesday, January 23, 2013


I am Austin Deco.Personal attorney to late Mr. John Thomas,a foreign national and a construction engineer.I have the pleasure to contact you on this subject matter.

My late client died along with his entire family while on holiday in Asia Earth Quake Disaster (Phuket Island in Thailand on December 2004. (TSUNAMI DISASTER) He left the sum of USD$12.2M with a bank and ever since his death,the bank has asked me to provide his next of kin.

I have the pleasure to contact you so that you will stand as his bonafide next of kin and claim this money which he left behind.

On hearing from you,I shall give you a comprehensive information's of what to do as regards to this   Let me know your full name,
age, address, occupation and your telephone number

Best Regards & God Bless
Austin Deco

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