Sunday, October 6, 2013

Contact Mr. Armstrong Donna

Dear Winner,

We are please to announce you as one of the fourth lucky winners in Euro Million draw held on the 5th October 2013.Your Names and address were randomly selected from a batch of 50,000,000 international people.

Your Name and contact emerged along side 7 others as a category 12 winner in this year's Annual Euro Million.Consequently,you have therefore been approved for a total pay out of 550,000,00 Euro ( Five hundred and Fifty Thousand Euro)only.

The following particulars are attached to your Puesto Euro Million
payment order:

(i) Winning numbers: 9-30-35-39-46
(ii) Email ticket number: 754/22/76
(iii) Your file Ref number: PXV227093
Kindly contact your claims person to guide you on the procedures to claims your won funds.Reach Mr.Armstrong Donna) to claim within 72 hours.

Mr. Armstrong Donna
Madrid Spain.

Congratulations once more from all members and staff of this program.

Puesto Euromillion Lotto Officer/Coordinator:
Mrs.Rosemary Quiles.

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