Sunday, December 29, 2013


Dear Trusted,
The West African Gas Pipeline Company limited (WAPCo) is a limited liability company that owns and operates the West African Gas Pipeline. The company comprises of Ghana, Nigeria, Benin and Togo.
The West African Gas Pipeline Company (WAPCo) would like to alert the public about incidents of fraudulent schemes and investment scams that misrepresents the West African Gas Pipeline Project. Let it be known that WAPCo is the only entity authorized by the relevant West African States to construct a gas transmission pipeline system from Nigeria to Ghana. Any claim by another entity not affiliated to WAPCo, to undertaking similar pipeline construction project is false and fraudulent and should not be relied upon.
WAPCo being an internationally renowned organization is prone to misrepresentations by investment scammers seeking to swindle unsuspecting persons.
The board of directors of the West African Gas Pipeline Company limited (WAPCo) met in Cotonou – Benin focusing on the impact of non service debts on the economic situation within stakeholders country. WAPCo has in her records numerous applications for payment for jobs neither awarded nor executed in the company. Therefore, many legitimate contractors' payment was stopped to avoid payment to fraudulent elements.
WAPCo has adopted a draft treaty on best way to curb the menace associated with corruption and scam in WAPCo
WAPCo has announced the inauguration of the Debts Investigation and Appraisal Panel. The Debts Investigation and Appraisal Panel of WAPCo set up by the member country to investigate all foreign complaints and debts working have discovered dormant files which have your name and contact email address. The Panel suspects that you might have been part of the people owed by the company in Africa or your information was used to transfer a huge amount of money overseas which was not successful.
Therefore, your file and records are subject to clarification by you. You should contact me upon the receipt of this letter to enable us determine the veracity of this fact.
You must know that WAPCo absolves itself from any eventuality as a result of your dealings with unofficial or dubious persons who might have impersonated this company or any of its officials to transact with you illegitimately. You are hereby warned to discontinue any further dealings with such persons.
You are required to confirm this information as soon as possible to enable this company advice you on how you shall be paid without any further hiccups.
My regards,
Harriet Wereko-Brobby
General Manager
(Corporate Affairs)

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