Monday, August 4, 2014

Direct Import for savings, develop your own Items...

We are new to you.
** Please reply direct to our mail box **
We are major in Export business for 20 years, working for customers' inquiries, sourcing their wanted products.  Very often we developed new OEM, ODM proprietary products for customers.
We are writing to introduce our service if there will be an opportunity for cooperation, or to do some business. 
We have been assisting many worldwide customers to import commodities produced in Mainland China, you can rely on us for all the processes, from sourcing, sampling, communication and inspection of goods before shipping.  Quality and efficiency are promising.  Price is reasonable.
Not only as mentioned or the below, most of items you needed or found in the market we can source, supply and develop, nearly all kinds of consumer products, from premium and promotional items, small electronic items, watches, electrical products, T-shirts, garments to AV products, and even others.
If you find we can help or have any items that you are looking for, please feel free to discuss.  We are looking forward to discussing in details.
Many Thank & Best Regards          Mr Johnny Chow
JAY HANG LTD, Hong Kong.
Since 1985
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Press the link  you can find more details of below
   Folder 01 - Gifts and Premiums,
   Folder 02 - Pens
   Folder 03 - MP3
   Folder 04 - Acrylic Items
   Folder 05 - Watch and Timepieces
   Folder 06 - Pendants, Cufflinks, Tie Clips
   Folder 07 - Bracelets and Bangles
   Folder 08 - Necklaces, Rings and Earrings.
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