Friday, December 26, 2014

Re: Did You Get My Message, Please Treat Urgently

Dear Sir,

Compliments, my name is Malvin Kaur, I am the group head internal audit of HSBC Holding PLC UK.
There's an account with the sum of Ј7 Million pounds(GBP) which I discovered during an audit review that has been dormant for a long time and I have made all the necessary investigation about the account and found out that nobody has interest in the account and the money.
This account belongs to a Taiwanese business man who died in Chinese Airlines flight 611 in 2002. He had neither a legal will nor a surviving next of kin.

I need your co-operation as a foreigner to stand in as the deceased business partner to claim the money through my guideance under a 50% 50% sharing arrengment. Contact me immediately if you are interested.
Please note that this is not an official transaction, therefore all communications will be private, as such I will request you reply me through my private email address:

To know about the plane crash, you can read it on:
And to know more about my position, login to:

I will be waiting for your urgent response.

Yours Sincerely,

Malvin Kaur
HSBC Holding Plc

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