Monday, December 28, 2015

Reminder: Your Approved Payment

Good Day,

This is to inform you that I came to Nigeria yesterday from Canada, after series of complaint from the FBI and other Security agencies from Asia,Europe, South America and the United States of America respectively, against the Federal Government of Nigeria and the British Government for the high volume of fraudulent activities going that is on in these two nations.

For more information about me kindly click on the below link or copy and paste on your web browser.

Right now, as directed by UN secretary General named Ban Ki-Moon we are working in collaborations with the Nigerian Financial Crime Commission/agencies and we have decided to waive away all your clearance fees/Charges and authorized the Government of Nigeria to effect your overdue payment worth $10.5M only into your account without any delay as approved and instructed by CANADIAN government and UNITED NATIONS. But the only fee you will pay to receive your fund is the Notarization fee. Upon your request, I will tell you the amount and also send you the payment information you will use in sending the Notarization fee.All approved payment will be drawn at the ADB/UN bank account at (BDM) and you will be advised within 24 hrs

Sincerely, you are a lucky person because I have just discovered that some top Nigerian and Canadian Government Officials are interested in your fund and they are working in collaboration with One Mr. Brent Fisher from USA to frustrate you and thereafter divert your fund into their personal account.

Note that I have a very limited time to stay in Nigeria here so I would like you to urgently respond to this message on this . This will enable me advise you on how best to confirm your fund in your account within the next 72 hours. Upon your receipt of this message confirming the below information.

Your full names................................
Your Company name...........................
Your Address.......................................
Your direct Tel# .............................................
Cell Phone..................................................

Be Informed that you have an option of atm card or bank draft.

We expect your swift response.

Sincerely yours,
Ms. Carman L.Lapointe
Head Of United Nations Under-Secretary
General For Internal Oversight Services
reply to:

Thursday, December 24, 2015

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Saturday, December 19, 2015

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Tuesday, December 15, 2015

Sunday, December 13, 2015

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Saturday, December 5, 2015

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Wednesday, December 2, 2015

Greetings Beloved One,

Greetings Beloved One,

I am glad to know you, but God knows you better and he knows why he hasdirected me to you at this point in time so do not be afraid Dear, I saw your e-mail contact at your country's guest book. I am writing this mail to you with heavy sorrow in my heart, my name is Mrs. Mercy Diaz. Am from United Kingdom, my late husband is from Benin Republic in west Africa, Iwant to tell you this because I don't have any other option than to tell you as I was touched to open up to you, I am married to Mr. Mark Mohammed Diaz who worked with Benin Republic embassy in London for nine years before he died in the year 2009. We were married for 27 years without a child. He died after a brief illness that lasted for only five days.I am 55 years and I am a missionary I have been hospitalized for over 3 Years now as Cancer patient and My Doctor said that I will not survive this sickness and have short time to leave on Earth.
I have decided to Willingly Donate the sum of (€11,000,000.00) (Eleven Million Euro) to charity organization through you for the good work of the Lord, and to help the motherless, less privileged and also for the assistance of the widows. Please if your spirit agree to handle this great task contact our family lawyer Barrister Charles Badou, and supply him with your full name and address,telephone number so that he can put you through with the bank where the fund is deposited.E-mail:(
Tel: +229 99765278 He has the legal back up you need.I think I have no much time on earth as I am only passing through to the other side where there will be no more death and sorrow.My spirit will always bless you in life or in death so far you will allow God to use you to handle this great task.

Yours Faithfully.
Mrs. Mercy Diaz.