Friday, October 21, 2016

I Am Grateful

Dear friend,

Please consider to help me relocate this $17.5m(seventeen million,five hundred thousand US dollars) for establishing an industry in your country.This fund was deposited in our bank by our customer
who died in 2007 without a heir. A routine notification was sent to her forwarding E-mail address but without responses.
The customer did not declare her next of kin in the bank official papers including her real home contacts.

This money has been floating and if I do not remit it out urgently it will be confiscated by the government as unclaimed fund.
You will be compensated for your collaboration to receive this fund in to your country. I will give you all vital information and clarification when I receive your reply.

Meanwhile kindly send the following info:
(1) Your name in full.
(2) Your full residential address.
(3) Your occupation.
(4) Your Country of origin.
(5) Your Mobile phone.
(6) Your age.

Mr.Hassan Mahmood.

Saturday, October 15, 2016

Do get back to me

From: Dr. Masi Patrick.  
Senior Cordinator on Investments

My Name is Dr Masi Patrick, Senior Cordinator on Investments to a late client who died a few years ago leaving no beneficiaries to an Estate and some liquid investments.

I have under my management, some amount of money which he had instructed me to code for re-investment shortly before he died.

We shall discuss more on this and the amount involved and the remuneration you shall receive for your efforts when I hear from you. Do get back to me.

Thank you and Best Regards,
From Dr. Masi Patrick.  

Thursday, October 6, 2016

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