Wednesday, August 16, 2017

Re: Attention: Beneficiary,

Attention: Beneficiary,
This is to officially inform you that we have verified your inheritance file and found out that why you have not received your payment are because you have not fulfilled the obligations given to you in respect of your inheritance payment.
Secondly we have been informed that you are still dealing with none officials in the bank all your attempt to secure the release of the fund to you. We wish to advise you that such an illegal act like this have to stop if you wish to receive your payment since we have decided to bring a solution to your problem. Right now we have arranged your payment through our swift card payment center Asia pacific that is the latest instruction from Mr. President, Muhammadu Buhari (gcfr) president federal republic of Nigeria and federal ministry of finance.
This card center will send you an atm card which you will use to withdraw your money in any atm machine in any part of the world, but the maximum is three thousand dollars per day, so if you wish to receive your fund this way please let us know by contacting the card payment center and also send the following information to enable him proceed immediately:
1. Full name:
2. Phone and fax number:
3. Address were you want them to send
The atm card to (p.o box not acceptable):
4. Your age and current occupation:
However, kindly find below the contact person:
Mr. Godwin I. Emefiele
Governor Central Bank of Nigeria
Tel: +2348119073710
The ATM card payment center has been mandated to issue out $10,000,000.00 as part payment for this fiscal year 2017. Also for your information, you have to stop any further communication with any other person(s) or office(s) to avoid any hitches in receiving your ATM payment.
Make sure you contact Mr. Godwin I. Emefiele, at this number +2348119073710 as soon as you receive this important message for further direction and also update me on any development from the above mentioned office.
Note that because of impostors, we hereby issued you our code of conduct,which is (atm-222) so you have to indicate this code when contacting the card center by using it as your subject.
Best regards,
Senator.Bukola Saraki
Senate President.
Address: No. 3Maputo Street, Wuse
Zone 3,Abuja.

Thursday, August 10, 2017

Assalamu alaikum (Waiting for your reply).

Assalamu alaikum,

I am happy to know you, but God knows you better and he knows why he has directed me to you at this point, so do not be afraid. I have a great confidence that is why am contacting you, i know you are humble and God fearing. My name is Zainab Hassan age 37 years, I am from Libya and my husband is one of the late Gaddafi son's drivers, it was my husband who took Gaddafi family to Niger and Algeria when they ran from Libya. But he came back to Libya and died when their convoy was
hit by NATO bomb. But he told me something very important when he was alive. He told me how he took some money from Gaddafi son and kept it in a secret place.

He said the money is in US Dollars, $11.5 million and all in kept in a very big suitcase kept in a secret hide out. And also 86 kilos of gold which he kept somewhere else. I will want to give you information about all what I am saying, because seeing what leads to believing. I am presently out of Libya because we ran out during the war. Why I have written to you is because I want you to take ownership of the funds and gold which my husband kept because if people knows that it belongs to my late husband they will size it and report to the Libyan government. My husband fights and died for his master so please I have
to keep everything secret until I hear from you. And please all what i am saying is just known by the both of us and nobody else. I have 2 children for my husband and nothing to feed them here until I can get hold of what I just told you but I still have to be very carefully not to lose the money or the gold. I will give you 20% of the fund if you will assist me. I will tell you how you can receive the money and the gold when I hear from you.

Also every other detail will be given when I see your seriousness to help us receive the both items. Please send me your direct details and phone number so we can talk. Please reply with your information. I also want you to know that the money and the gold are not in Libya both of them are kept in Security Company. I will let you know the country as soon as I hear from you. I will wait for your reply.

Yours truly,
Madam Zainab Hassan

Wednesday, August 2, 2017

Promotional Products supplier - Direct Supply from factories.

C012 LED
C097 USB Prdt / Card Readers
C098 USB Flash Disk
E000 BT Remote Shutter Smartphone
E000 BT Anti-lost Finder
E000 Umbrella
E000 Solar Charger
E000 Cushion Foam
E000 pill tablet popper
E000 BO Kitchen Ware
E000 Game Handheld
E000 Silicon
E000 Cocktail Shaker Set
E000 Wine Opener Set
E000 MicroFibre Towel PVC zipper Bag
E001 Abdominal Muscel Belt
E002 Abrasive Papers
E003 AC/DC Adaptors Converter
E004 Pill, Acetate Box
E005 Acrylic Frame Tooling Lens
E006 Adhesive Tape
E007 Air Hon
E008 Alcohol Tester
E009 Altimeter Digital Compass
E010 Alum Chair, Furniture, Lamb Base
E011 Alum Tube Dispenser
E012 Alum Bottle, Opener
E013 Apron & Gloves
E014 Auto Coffee Mug, Stainless Steel
E015 Badge Metal w Pin
E016 Retract Badge, bag Holder
E017 Ball Pen, Marker
E018 Balloon
E020 Banner Self Rolling
E021 Base Ball Cap
E022 Batteries
E023 Beach Inflatable Toy Racket
E024 Dice Chess
E025 Cup Mug Ceramic Italian
E026 Bicycle - Electric Bicycle
E027 Binocular
E028 BMI Calculator / Tape
E029 Bookmarks Metal
E030 Bottle Bags
E031 Bottle Opener, Wine
E032 Brass Holder
E033 Calc Goodies
E034 Calculator
E035 Can Cooler Neoprene Laptop
E036 Candles
E037 Caps & hats
E038 Car Audio Addon AntiBurglary
E039 Car Kit, Accessories KK
E040 Car Seat back Organizer
E041 Alum Opener LED Flashlight Carabiner
E042 Card Holdr
E043 Card Holder PVC
E044 Ipad, Computer Carrying Bags Case
E045 CD DVD Card w/ File
E046 CD Rack
E047 Chalk
E048 Coaster Paper
E049 Coin Bank Plastic Piggy Shaped
E050 Colored sands AE
E051 Cooler Bottle Box Ice Bucket
E052 Laundry Bags Hotel
E053 Diet Scale Kitchen
E054 Digital PhotoFrame Stand
E055 Display Acrylic, Sate-lite Crystal
E056 Drinking Glass, Water Jar Jur, Tableware
E057 DVD, DVD case
E058 EarLight
E059 Easel Aluminium, Box
E060 Eraser bone eraser
E061 EVA products
E062 Expanding Files HK
E063 Face Steamer Sunna
E064 Fire Blanket Extinugishers
E065 Flask
E066 Fleece Blanket
E067 FlipFlop, Slipper, Sandal Thong
E068 Flower Stalks w/holder
E069 Environmental Bag, Fruit, Washing, Canvas
E070 Foot Massager
E071 Football fty
E072 Frosted Craft
E073 Girls Boxer
E074 Glass Ashtray
E075 Glass Cup, Cast Iron
E076 Hair Clip, Accessories
E077 Hand Massager
E078 Hand bag Holder
E079 Health FirstAid Blood Pressure Oxidmeter
E080 Heat Sink
E081 Heat transfer
E082 Ice scraper GE
E083 Ice tray
E084 Infra Lamp
E085 Instant Artificial Snow
E086 Ionic Brush
E087 Joystick
E088 notebook, EBook
E090 Key Finder
E091 Key Holder Soft Rubber
E092 KNIFE pocket/Wine Opener
E093 Lanyard Silicon
E095 Nylon Polyester Bag Rucksack
E096 LCD1
E097 LDPE Foil Bag
E098 Leashes
E099 Leather Wallet Pocket Purse Strap
E100 Ruler Wood Foldable
E101 LED T-shirt LED Cap
E102 LED Xmas Decoration
E103 Lenticular
E104 Letter Opener
E105 LETTER Opener Brass
E106 Magnetic Holder (memo)
E107 HighLighter
E108 Manicure set
E109 Massage Bed
E110 Melamine Domino Set
E111 Menu Holder SS
E112 Metal Ash ay (ENQ)
E113 Metal Badge w/Key
E114 Metal Enamel lapel Badge
E115 Products for Travel
E116 Metal Sign Stand
E117 Micro Car Toy
E118 Mirror
E119 NetBook Case
E120 Mobile Smart Phone Computer Case Accessor
E121 Mobile Stickers
E122 Money Box Dragon
E123 Mosquito Repeller
E124 Bent wood chair / furniture
E125 MP3 Sunglasses & bags
E126 Metal Key Ring Pendants
E127 Rattan Basket Bamboo
E128 Muscial Alarm Clock
E129 Nail Care Manicure Beauty
E130 Nail File Glass
E131 Name Badge Vinyl
E132 Pencil
E133 Non Woven Bag / Prdts
E134 Panty-Hose AU
E135 PaperWeight & Figurines
E136 Pastazote
E137 Pedometer
E138 Hip Lik PVC Folding
E139 Pen Pocket PVC
E140 PEN Promotional GD
E141 Phone Socks
E142 Photo Frame
E143 Pitcher OEM
E144 Plastic Bag HDPE ZipBag
E145 Plastic Band Band Stick
E146 Plastic Bottles
E147 Metal ChainBell FullyP Plastc Buck
E148 Plastic Plate, Coin tray
E149 PLUG traveller's
E150 Plug_CE
E151 Polyresin - Old Lady Stage
E152 Lighters / Projection key Chain
E153 PSP
E154 Radio Shower
E155 Raincoat
E156 Rotating Disc PVC
E157 Rubber Mat
E158 Rubber Pouch
E159 Rubik's Puzzle
E160 Folding Ruler (2)
E161 Safety Vest, Jacket, shield
E162 Scale Bathroom
E163 Scan Radio Ball
E164 Scarf
E165 Sewing Kits
E166 Shoe Bag Cotton
E167 Shoe Cover Mach, Mask - trunk Cove
E168 Shoe Shine Sponge
E169 Compressed Socks
E170 Silicon Band, Table Mat
E171 Slipper
E172 Slipper Shower Cap Hotel Amenities
E173 Soap Bubble Toy
E174 Soccer Ball Coin Bank
E175 Solar Sign, Road Light, Prdt, Heater
E176 Solar Dynamo Lantern, solar charger
E177 Sound Modules
E178 Stoarage Container / funnel AE
E179 Sudoku
E180 Sun Glasses
E181 HouseHold, Kitchen tool Small applin
E182 Swim Cap
E183 Table Cloth, Cleaning, MicroFiber
E184 Tape Measure Ruler
E185 Thermometer
E186 Tin Alum Box
E187 Stationery, Diary, Notebook
E188 Tool Set, Tooling, Mould
E189 Tools Tooling
E190 Towel Terry Wrist Band
E191 Cutter
E192 Umbrella
E193 Underwear
E194 Automobile Accessories
E195 USB Band, Cables
E196 USB Memory Stick OTG others
E197 UV, card, RFID
E198 Wallet & Hand, Lady Bag
E199 Wallet Flock PVC MYD Blue
E200 WaterProof Bag
E201 Whistle & Cards
E202 whiteboard
E203 Cohesive Bandage
E204 PE Shoe Cover Gloves Medical
E205 Wine Opener Bar Pinic Set
E206 Wooden Brush, Shoe Horn, Brush
E207 Wooden Frame
E208 Wooden Stirer
E209 Wool Blankets
E210 Digital Thermometer
E211 Answering Machine
E212 Ash tray Holder
E213 Battery Holder
E214 Bone / Syringe Pen
E215 Boom Box Radio CD Player
E216 Magnetic Clip Holder ManShape
E217 Stainless Steel Prdts SS
E218 Candle Household
E219 Carpenter Pencil
E220 Clothes Pegs
E221 Compass brass Ship type India
E222 Digital Photo Frame
E223 Fire Bricks
E224 Keychain Mini Calc
E225 Ear Hearing Aids, earPhone, HeadPhones
E226 Lanyard, slap band
E227 Latex Dilido Sexy Toy
E228 Mouse, Mouse Pad
E229 Pendants Stainless Steel
E230 Pendulum Clock
E231 Placemats
E232 Plastic Sunvisor
E233 Thermometer, Digital Timer
E234 PP Bag
E235 Re actable ID Badge Holder Lanyard
E236 Sand Shower Timer
E237 Silicon Pen, Bag
E238 soccer ball
E239 metal accessories
E240 Tiaras HeadBand, drawstring
E241 WhiteBoard Maker
E242 trolley Coin KeyChain
E243 Denim, Jean, Spandex
E244 Cufflinks
E245 Memo Block
E246 Wall Clock
E247 Bloomberange Frisbee Foam
E248 T-shirt, Garment, Fleece
E249 Model Aircraft
E250 Plastic Mesh Bag
E251 Metal Reel Badge
E252 Jump Elastic Band, Garment Accessories
E253 Jump Rope
E254 Banana Box
E255 Magntic Metal Bookmark
E256 Microwavable Products/Slippers
E257 Packaging Display Case Box
E258 2D Color Blister Press
E259 Print Label, Tag, box
E260 USB Flash Memroy Stick USB Pen
E261 Rubber Silicon, Badge
E262 Stopwatch
E263 Melamine Ceramic Mug
E264 Wrist Coin Pouch Waist Bag
E265 Card PVC Magnifier
E266 portfolio, satchels
E267 Plush Stuff Toy Hippo+Ant USA
E268 Kwok Regent Snow Wind Jacket
E269 Lighters
E270 Tealight Holder
E271 Bouncing, Stress Ball
E272 Sublimation Mug Shot Glass
E273 Carabiner Hooks, Hanger Bag
E274 Stuff Ball S ess Ball
E275 Cooler Bottle Wine Bag
E276 Tissue Facial Mask
E277 Wall Clock
E278 Ear Cover, Puff
E279 LED Badge Flashing
E280 Guitar Pick
E281 ID Badge Set
E282 Pen LED Flashlight / Highlighter GD
E283 Knot Key Ring
E284 Eye Shadow Mask
E285 Kitchen SS Wire clutch
E286 Pet Waste Bag Holder, Toy, Pet Bag
E287 Silicone LCD Digial watch clock
E288 Washer, Screws, Nuts
E289 handicraft, basket, Mat
E290 Pupil Guage Torch
E291 Surgical Mask CPR Mask Oxy Inlet
E292 Play Survival Card Swiss Pattern
E293 Health Products, stimulus, facial sonic
E294 Mini Servo 360 degree
E295 Flash Light UK
E296 Wooden Chess
E297 Solar Garden Lamp Accessories
E298 Table Napkin Ring
E299 Metallic Paper Clip SS
E300 Blood Pressure Sphygmomanometer stethosco
E301 BT Speaker Audio Radio
E302 Ball Chair Furniture
E303 Glow Stick
E304 Screen Touch Pen
E305 Dynamo Solar LED Flashlight
E306 Cooling Bag
E307 Flashlight PenLight Bucket OEM
E308 Syringe OEM Flashlight
E309 Tourniquet
E310 Bicycle, Bell, Accessories
E311 Wooden Snow Brush
E312 Ipod MP3 Player
E313 TPLink Mini Wifi Router
E314 Mechanical Timer
E315 Silicon Wrist Band NILLC
E316 Mouse
E317 Porcelain Coffee Mug UK
E318 Portable Luggage Digital Scale
E319 Umbrella w/Hard Cover
E320 Letter Opener Safety Belt Cutter
E321 Scented Tshirt Freshener
E322 Cuff Link
E323 Engraving Machine
E324 Weather Station
E325 Iphone / Android IR TV Controller
E326 Whisky Glass
E327 Wooden Wagon Children
E328 Portable Washer, Auto Water
E329 Electric Blanket Heating pad
E330 Sand Timer
E331 LED Bulb KeyChain
E332 LED BaseBall Cap
E333 Watch Multi Function
E334 watch expensive MultiFunction
E335 AC USB Plug Extensions Eco
E336 Car USB Charger
E337 Speaker Media Player
E338 Lighting Iphone with backlight
E339 SS Poker Bottle Opener Playing Ca
E340 LCD LED Nurse Watch
E341 Box Cards Printshop
E342 Wooden Easel PhotoFrame
E343 Rubber Coated Gloves
E344 Promotional Ball Pens
E345 BeachBall Pillow Bang stick Inflat
E346 Playing Card key Chain Alloy
E347 Towel
E348 Diary Booklet
E349 Ear PLUG Foam
E350 Safety Spectacle Goggle BootShoe Galosh T
E351 Gym Ball, Exercise, Sport
E352 Iron Cast
E353 Reel Badge Animal Shape
E354 Acylic Wool Knitted Socks
E355 GumBall Chewing Machine
E356 Soap Stainless Steel
E357 Touch Glove Conductive
E358 Buff clothing Tube Bandanas
E359 Mechanical Kitchen Alarm Clock
E360 Ice Cream Scoop plastic stainless stee
E361 Cosmetic Amenties Brush
E362 Key Finder
E363 Milk Froster DC Stirrer
E364 Solar Charger Mobile Phone
E365 Slate Stone Coaster
E366 Cheese Rasper
E367 Silicone Kitchen Glove (Heat Resistan
E368 Cheese Rasp
E369 Kitchen Apron
E370 Spaghetti Measuring Tool
E371 Spaghetti Picker
E372 Kitchen Glove, Oven Mitten
E373 Wine Cooler Neoprene
E374 Ice Cream Scooper
E375 Pizza Cutter / Slizer
E376 Olive Bowl Ceramic
E377 Laser Pen Key LIght LED logo
E378 Earphone
E379 Wine Pourer / Decanter Shaker
E380 USB Hub
E381 SD MircoSD RAM
E382 Silicone Brush
E383 Snow Dome
E384 Glass Water Jug
E385 Spaghetti Tester SS
E386 Spaghetti Portion Tool Wooden
E387 Oven Mitt
E388 Nautica Signal Marine HORN
E389 Bucket BBQ Grills
E390 Acrylic Curved Sign Holder
E391 LED Work Flood Lamp
E392 USB Memory Credit Card Shape
E393 Platter Breakfast Melamine Board
E394 DIY Paint Fashion Bags DIY
E395 Flying KITES
E396 Wooden Joint Puppet
E397 Casino Chip USB Flash Disk New
E398 Casino Chip Lighter
E399 Alum Pill Box
E400 Crystal Glass Clear Balls
E401 power bank
E402 Picnic Blanket ( Water Resistant )
E403 Picnic Basket Wooden
E404 Beach Sun Umbrella
E405 Kitchen Cleaning Clothes
E406 Pearl Necklace, Artifical Jewelry buttons
E408 Wireless Induction Charger NFC
E409 Smart Phone Accessories
E410 Suspenders for Toyota
E411 Belt Fashion Waist
E412 Aluminium Bottles 80k
E413 Socks for Toyota 80k
E414 Tyre Tire Guage Pen Type Mini
E415 travel Gift Set Car Mobile Powerbank
E416 Power Bank for Mobile Handset
E417 Baby Products
E418 Facial Beauty Sonic Ultrasonic
E420 Draws ing Bag
E421 Helmet Ice Cream Cup
E422 Mobile Addon LED Lens Accessories
E423 Button Lithium Battery DG
E425 Non Slip Mat
E426 Fedora Straw Paper Hat
E427 Polymer Clay Sublimation Key Ring
E428 Glasses* Bag Polyester
E429 Foldable Bag Polyester*
E430 3G PIR Wild Camera
E431 Coin Holder Metal Key Chain
E432 Scooter
E433 Solar Cell
E436 USB Memory Sticks Own Design
E437 trolley, wooden Audio Allgainer
E438 Waterproof Bag
E439 USB Mini Fan LED light
E440 USB Car Charger Cigarette Plug
E441 Phone Car Holder Magnetic
E442 Selfie Stick Stand tripod Combo
E443 Nurse Watch w Water transfer Print
E444 E plug
E445 Working Gloves
E446 PVC Glove Bag
E447 Protective Clothing
E448 240L Waste Bag
E449 Bicycle Light Silicon
E450 Luminous Key Chain Product phorphosce
E451 Zoom Flashlight Magnet
E452 Power Bank
E453 LDPE Bag Dk
E453 Badge Etch

Re : Promotional Products Supplier - Direct Supply from Factories

We are promotional items supplier and have been in the past 20 years.
We are writing to see if there will be any opportunities for

Our major markets are countries among Europe. Our customers are
either one of :

1) Design House and Importers / Wholesalers.
2) Big firm with their own demand on prom
3) Online shops

We are working according to their instruction and rquirement,
products are for consumers, giveaways, sourvenirs, its type from
electronic, mobile, sundry, stationery, USB memory sticks to plastic,
acrylic holders or watch display LED boxes etc ..... all we nearly
have done before. Many are OEM proprietary design, somehow we need
to open tooling for achievement.

Attached please find a list of our recent jobs and orders for the
past few years, you may get some idea of what we are working.

Orders handled by us will be troublefree. We have sufficient
knowledge and experience to solve any possible problems, without
interrupting buyers, despite that some case is hard but we can still

Most customers working with us have been over 10 years. Our mission
is to serve them whatever items they need and fulfil their idea of
products requirement.

We hope that we can cooperate soon and receive your inquiries. You
will find when working with us, you will be comfortable and confident
with us.

Looking forward to hearing news from you, we can discuss in details
on various topics of your requirement.

Best Regards / Johnny Chow
Jay Hang Ltd
Hong Kong
Rm 702 Kimberley House,
35 Kimberley Road, TST
t : (852) 2368-1193
f : (852) 2125-7509
e :
e :