Wednesday, May 22, 2019



Greetings, In my long years of work with a top financial management company
in the United Kingdom, l have earned the confidence of most our high net-worth
clients.I presently have two clients(Non Europeans)and have funds to give out for
investment.If you are interested please reply for more details,

Kind Regards.
Jaime Graca

Tuesday, May 21, 2019

Tenancy Agreement & Invoice/URGENT

Dear Sirs,

Kindly find enclosed herewith our draft Letter from the high court Demanding for your review and approval show up in court.

Best regards, 


Jethro Leong

Practice Trainee


For and on behalf of Lee Ee Yang


Covenant Chambers LLC is incorporated with limited liability

8 Eu Tong Sen Street #13-83/84, Clarke Quay Central, Singapore 059818 (Office 2, entrance beside Subway)

T: 6635 8885 | F: 6635 8720 | E: | W:


Privileged/Confidential information may be contained in this message. If you have received this message in error, please delete it and notify our office at  +65 6635 8885  immediately. You should not retain this message or disclose its contents to anyone. Opinions, conclusions and other information in this message that do not relate to the official business of the Practice shall be understood as neither given nor endorsed by it.

Sunday, May 19, 2019

mild steel stamping machine

Hello ,

Good day to you .I am John He from Beyond Tech Inc. , which is a manufacturer of  FIBER LASER CUTTING MACHINE .

PlwbzateJhro Fibwver09jL LaseKor CutZmzter
Tu8zrvibe FCkziberszuU LasZLmer CuEQAHtter
Tulbe & Pu3Mlate CSqsombo83FjinygedP Fimsiber Laser CutaSCoxter

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Best regards
Beyond tech Inc.
Cell : 0086 -15989961204


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Saturday, May 18, 2019

stainless steel fabricating processing

Dear Sir ,

Good day to you .

I am JH , our company have more than 600 workers ,we manufacture :

Plate Fiber Laser Cutter
Tube Fiber Laser Cutter
Tube & Plate Combined Fiber Laser Cutter

Let me know if you are interested ,we would have local agent of your region or our sales team to servce you .

lasercutter.jh @ vip. 163 . com

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Friday, May 17, 2019

Pls Respond


I got your contact through an email directory and decided to contact you for assistance. I am the first son of Jonas Savimbi, the leader of UNITA rebel in Angola who was shot dead on the 25th of February 2002, by the opposing Angolan Army.

Whereas, before the death of my father, he deposited the sum of Eighteen million dollars ($18,000, 000.00) only in a finance/security Company in Kuala Lumpur Malaysia. My father handed all the legal documents for the deposit to me in trust and for safe keeping for the family. Also, after the death of my father, my family and I fled to Durban-South Africa where we are currently living on political asylum home.

However with the recent development of xenophobia in Durban South Africa made my mother and the rest of our family that I should fly down to Malaysia and make an urgent arrangement with someone who can help us to invest the funds abroad and we will come over to settle in his country since South Africa is no longer safe for us stay. Please view this for your perusal;

Please, take a look at this

So, i want you to help me make claims of this fund ($18M) from the Finance/security Company in Malaysia as can come down to Malaysia and we meet face to face and arrange on how we can transfer the funds as you will stand as my family Beneficiary and transfer the money to your nominate account or any preferred account of your choice.
Whereas after the transfer, I can then get Visa for my old mother to fly down from south Africa to your country for mutual sharing and investment of the money. However, my family has agree to give you 35%, for your anticipated assistance and 60% would be for us (my family) and the remaining 5%would be set aside for any expenses that we may incur during the course of this transaction.

Nevertheless, my family share of 60% would be invested in your country in any profitable business proposed by you. We believed that we can only accept to work with you only when you can come down to Malaysia and see things for yourself as seeing is believing! Please, treat this as Confidential and reply to my email:

Best Regards,

Mr.Joao Savimbi.

Thursday, May 16, 2019

Stallion Wings Investment Opportunity

Greetings sa3dahnews.sa3dah ,

I am Hagay Solomon from STALLION WINGS INC.

We are one of the best in foreign exchange market, expertise in technology through highly desirable forex, stocks and bonds trading environment.

Have you been in search of a risk free and profitable investment opportunity? Stallion Wings is the ultimate solution.

We trade for our customers and pay them monthly with risk free, no loss and no delay.

Kindly click  below button ABOUT US to read more.

Also click to see below YOUTUBE PAGE  for voice explanatory video and see again what our customers says about us.

Feel free to contact my below personal email for better explanation about investment profits.

or contact us through our website CONTACT US page.

Thank you for your time and we will be glad to welcome you on our platform.

Best Regards.

Customer Support Team
Stallion Wings Inc.

foreign exchange market, expertise in technology

Wednesday, May 15, 2019

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Tuesday, May 14, 2019


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Sunday, May 12, 2019

mild metal processing


Hello .Good day , this is JH from Beyond Tech Inc. , 

we are factory for the  FIBER LASER CUTTING MACHINE .

Hopefully to we work with you in  this trendy metal cutting industry .

Warm regards  
Cell : 0086 -15989961204


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Saturday, May 11, 2019

Re:Dear Beloved

My Beloved In God.

Greetings in the name of our lord Jesus Christ. I am Mrs Christabell Horste  from Germany, a widow to late Dr. A. Horste  l am 51 years old and a converted born again Christian, suffering from long time cancer of the breast, from all indication my condition is really deteriorating and it is quite obvious that I might not live more than two (2) months, according to my doctor because the cancer has gotten to a very worst / dangerous stage.

My late husband and my only child died last five years ago, his death was politically motivated. My late husband was a very rich and wealthy oil business man who was running his oil,Gold/Diamond Business here in West Africa Nigeria. After his death, I inherited all his business and wealth.

My doctors has advised me that I may not live for more than two (2) months, so I now decided to divide the part of this wealth, to contribute to the development of the church in Africa, America, Asia, and Europe. I collected your email address during my desperate search on the internet and I prayed over it. I decided to donate the sum of $7,500,000.00 USD (Seven  Million Five hundred thousand United States dollars) to the less privileged because I cannot take this money to the grave.

Please I want you to note that this fund is lodged in a private bank here in Africa(Standard Trust Bank Africa). Once I hear from you, I will forward to you all the information's you will use to get this fund released from the bank and to be transferred to your bank account. I honestly pray that this money when transferred to you will be used for the said purpose because l have come to find out that wealth acquisition without Christ is vanity. May the grace of our lord Jesus the love of God and the fellowship of God be with you and your family.

Reply me on my private email address Thanks and God bless you.

Your beloved sister in Christ.
Mrs. Christabel Horste

Thursday, May 9, 2019


Dear Sir ,

Hello how do you do ? This is John He from Beyond Tech Inc. ,  a supplier of  FIBER LASER CUTTING MACHINE .I achieved your contact from the internet and hoping chances to work with you , thanks in advance for your precious time  , our workshops have annual output of more than 2,000 sets of fiber laser cutters , we make:

Sheet Fiber Laser Cutter
Pipe Fiber Laser Cutter
Pipe and Sheet Combo Fiber Laser Cutter

Applicated industry - kitchen ware , shelves , furniture , fabrication , cabinet , signage etc .
Cutting ability - Sheet 0.5-50 mm thickness  ; Tube 0.5-10mm thickness / 10-325 mm diameter .
Cutting laser source - from 0.5kw - 15kw
Cutting subjects - carbon steel , stainless steel , aluminium , brass ,copper .

For new markets, am seeking distributor and agent for our facilitys .Please reply for more info ,local agent of your country or our team will servce you .

Beyond tech Inc.
Oversea marketing dept.
Cell : 0086 -15989961204
Tel : 0086 - 66695712
Email: lasercutter.jh @

High eNmnnfficiYfujencyPu laserNhv cuttinBg systeSm: forQxbc cutVtingBpjx 0.5-20Qdmm carbonPwg steelLa, 0.5-10Cb mm Unkstainle4yss sQhcteel.
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CuttRting mFmyjate2qrials: Nx7fCarDcbon ste4cel/ staX4nsinlesGv4qs steeStl/ gSialvaWmjnized s6pteel/elBectHmrolytiMzc galvGyanizeIbtd ste7sgel/siTw7lliconYh steFel/Txgalloy/Uwbras8h0os/red coOncpper/tiKkctanium 3shesheeBpt/sprinU4g st4hgeel/nFxbicket tiEtaniJxbum alloyO/chTscgromium YwknickeZdmat irAllion alloHty/titaniSznzum alXl7gsloy


Dear Sir,

This is the Congolese Revolutionary Army in North Kivu DRC.

Please let me know if your organization will agree to receive our raw gold in exchange of food supply.


Capt. Nkunde Mpela

Congolese Revolutionary Army.

Wednesday, May 8, 2019

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Tuesday, May 7, 2019

不正确的装运地址 - DHL-#AWB64204092019

Greetings! sa3dahnews.sa3dah

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We tried the delivery, but after so many attempts, we were unable to reach you.

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