Sunday, May 26, 2019


Dear Sir ,

Nice to meet you .JH this is ,from Beyond Tech Inc. , which is a supplier of FIBER LASER CUTTING MACHINE .

I accquired your email from the webs and wishing for chances to work with you , thank you a lot for your precious time ,  we are the biggest sales volumn fiber laser cutter maker these years .
We are good at :

Plate Fiber Laser cutter machine
Tube Fiber Laser cutter machine
Tube and Plate Combined Fiber Laser cutter machine

Hope to hear from you soon, we would have local agent of your region or our sales team to servce you .

Beyond tech Inc. - Oversea marketing dept.
Cell : 0086 -15989961204
Tel : 0086 - 66695712
Mail: lasercutter.jh @

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