Friday, May 31, 2019


Dear Sir ,

Good morning.My name is JH at Beyond Tech Inc. , - a manufacturer of  FIBER LASER CUTTING MACHINE .I obtained your contact from the webs and looking for chances to work together with you , thank you so much for your precious time , we established 3 qualified manufacturing facility workshop and base with more than 50000 square meters ,

We are specialist of :

Plate Fiber Laser /Tube Fiber Laser /Tube and Plate Combined Fiber Laser 

Look forward to your enquiries , we would have local agent of your region or our sales team to servce you .

Yours sincerely
Beyond tech Inc.
Oversea sales dept.
Cell : 0086 -15989961204
Tel : 0086 - 66695712
Email: lasercutter.jh @

Tecbhnical Palrameters
Laser f0Module FibsGer Laser Module
Minmh. Line Wzfidth: Y0.15mm
Max.c7Iuttingw speed:  25m/min
PosOfitioning 5lAccuracy:  ≤G± 0.08mFm/1000mm
PulsE5e Width:  0c.1-20mm
Coolking Modem: Water XJCoolingU Chiller
PoweWr SystBem: Japapn Servo Motor
PZower Req3uirementst: 380V/5N0Hz/100A

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